good-looking-guyAn intellectually vibrant and collaborative environment that creates a strong sense of belonging has distinguished RTA’s culture. At RTA, you’ll be working with experienced colleagues in fields of economic research, business analytics and IT; our senior experts are among the best at what they do in the nation. They are highly qualified individuals, who have graduated from established national and international academic institutes throughout the world. What does this mean for you? You’ll revel in the process of learning on the job from the best, expressing yourself, and making a difference in RTA’s rigorous “learning” and “sharing” environment. RTA places enormous emphasis on its people and the harmony of its team, because we believe, that happy and satisfied people create results. Trust us, it matters, really, who you work with.

good-looking-guyOur office tables are positioned so that everyone can see each other. This stems from the fact that we want our people to talk to each other, share ideas, interests, and your vision in mind. In other words, you own the company with the CEO, and benefit as the company grows.
good-looking-guyWe hope your colleagues can become your best friends. You will talk with them, think about the next big idea with them, and party with them. If we can term a new word, we would call our co-workers the “Friends-league.”
good-looking-guyAt RTA, we are results-driven. So you can be working in your own time, and plan when you want to finish your projects. We hope that you crave excellence, and love to enjoy life as well.
A day in the life of a research analyst

  • 6:30 AM The day begins with the rooster alarm. You may wake up to have breakfast or a light morning coffee with a friend or colleague.
  • 8:00 AM Arrive at work. Morning meetings with team members to discuss progress and improvements on client projects.
  • 8:30 AM Meet with clients online/in-person.
  • 9:30 AM Observe data changes and talk with the Data & Survey department for data updates.
  • 10:00 AM Jot down important information for report-writing and discuss findings with colleagues. Reply to emails and calls
  • 11:30 AM Meet with an industry expert for lunch to discuss market trends.
  • 12:30 PM Start writing client report.
  • 3:00 PM Finish replying to emails and calls.
  • 4:00 PM General meeting with company staff and CEO for the next client meeting, and a staff get-together to come next week.
  • 5:00 PM Arrange dinner meetings with friends for the evening.
  • 6:00 PM Wrap-up work for the day. Head out to the city center to try that newly opened coffee shop.
  • 7:00 PM Dinner with friends at a local eatery.
  • 9:00 PM Last-minute late-night jogging and reading.
  • 11:00 PM Bed time.


RTA provides an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that brings out the best in the firm’s staff. Based on your expertise and experience, we can offer you the following roles within the consulting team:

  • Associate
  • Junior Analyst
  • Analyst

Associates take up the leading and managing role of a project. Associates would be working with recognized experts and communicate with clients as the firm’s representatives. Your will apply your knowledge from academic study and experience in the industry to solve clients’ complex problems. You will design research approaches and methodology, develop products and services and present results. As you build up your own skill, experience, and expertise along your development journey, you will become a strategic contributor towards the firm’s business development and become a leader in your own right. As an Associate, you will supervise and coach analyst and junior analysts along their journey. Your success is not only measured by the amount of work that you have accomplished but also the added values to your colleagues.

Analysts are important members of project teams. RTA analysts work directly with associates, experts in a collaborative and collegial environment. As an analyst, you will build your knowledge and skills through on-the-job and formal trainings. You will formulate and design research framework and methodology for each project with experts, implement project and surveys, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, compose gripping written business reports and research papers. Analysts have the opportunities to work directly with clients and represent the firm in multiple circumstances.

Junior analysts assist analysts and associates throughout various stage of a project. Junior analysts work directly with analysts and associates in every stage of a project. As a junior analyst, you will be attending various sessions of quantitative trainings conducted by statistics experts. You will assist analysts and associates in conducting both primary and secondary analysis, take part in field research and business study. These hands-on and formal training would provide you with great opportunities to strengthen your knowledge and hone your skill to prepare you for the analyst positions.



What You Will Do

  • Design surveys and conduct research work
  • Analyze data using Stata & R
  • Write project reports and develop business and research proposals
  • Develop documentations for Company’s products
  • Assist or take charge of project management

What You Should Be Good At

  • Bachelor or Master degree in social studies, economics, statistics, econometrics or related fields (we welcome both fresh and experienced graduates)
  • Command English and computer ability (French is a plus)
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative background and having completed coursework in economics, mathematics or statistics – optional.

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What You Will Do

  • Develop sales proposals, quotations and respond to customers’ inquiries
  • Negotiate on prices, contracts, etc.
  • Build up customer relationship
  • Achieve sales and marketing targets with monthly and annual sales planning
  • Provide pre-sales and after-sales services
  • Maintain highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Coordinate with other internal departments to facilitate customer experience.

What You Should Be Good At

  • Bachelor degree in Business, Marketing or related fields.
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Have a strong sense of Software Development and Process Management
  • Good in writing and speaking English (other languages is a plus)
  • Excellent team player and strong capacity to perform independent work.
  • Able to travel upon business demand.

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PHP Developer


What You Will Do

  • Develop Front end and Back end for Web.
  • Analyzing and developing web applications and web services
  • More details will be discussed on interview.

What You Should Be Good At

  • 1+ year PHP/MySQL/Linux/Apache experience
  • Good knowledge in LAMP infrastructure (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), web application deployment and maintenance
  • Good knowledge of CMS frameworks such as Yii, WordPress, Drupal is a plus
  • HTML5/CSS3 is a must and kept up to date with web trends/standards
  • Experienced in JavaScript and familiar with libraries such as jQuery
  • Passion for clean, tractable algorithms, data structures, interfaces, and performance optimization
  • Good at coding standards, commenting and documentation
  • Good at English communication skills (i.e. listening, speaking, and writing)

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Mobile Developer

  • Take responsible for Android application architecture and code quality
  • Support division head on technical analysis & solution
  • Work on fixing bugs and improving application performance
  • More details will be discussed on interview

What You Should Be Good At

  • 1+ year experience with Android development
  • Experience with Android technology stack, Java, SQLite
  • Familiarize with user interface design and usability with concentration on Android
  • Experience with SVN, Bugzilla, IDEs, Android SDK, Eclipse…
  • Passion for clean, tractable algorithms, data structures, interfaces, and performance optimization
  • Good at coding standards, commenting and documentation
  • Good at English communication skills (i.e. listening, speaking, and writing)

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good-looking-guy“RTA has earned the excellent reputation for our first-class data solutions and top-notch customer service. However, this achievement couldn’t be possible without our dedicated employees. As an RTA employee, you are part of a close-kit family, an open and dynamic environment which embraces challenges, treasures diversity and provides various incentives for innovation. Join us to set out on the exciting journey to the data-driven world!”




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